Setting up the camera for focus testing
Me goofing around while setting up the camera for focus testing 

The Early Days

Starting out: Thank you for the Opportunity Ford Modeling Agency
One of my first headshots - back when they were in black and white. Not sure why. The photographer, James Roderick. Originally I signed with Ford Modeling agency, and would later obtain an agent and a manger to help navigate the commercial, TV and film market. In my pre-teen years I was in two movies, Here Come the Tigers, and Manny's Orphans. Directed by Sean Cunningham, both were shot locally in Fairfield County CT. That set the acting bug.
1982 Headshot for Ford Modeling by James Roderick 

. . . and Today

Reboot: Thank you for the Opportunity Central Casting Los Angeles
Flash forward to August of 2018. While on vacation in New York, I took a trip to visit my old stomping grounds in New York City. Everywhere I walked, I saw production trailers camped along certain streets and avenues, reminding me of my working back in my late teens. As soon as I got back to California I researched getting back into the TV/Film industry. I chose to go with Central Casting and work as a background artist as I wanted to be in a position where I could really watch and learn as much as possible.
2018 Headshot by Mehosh Dziadzio 

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