One of Mircea Oprea's Goals - Working with and learning from Steven Spielberg
One of Mircea Oprea's Goals - Working with and learning from Steven Spielberg 

How and why it all started . . . again

Rekindling the Old Memories
While visiting my old stopping grounds in New York City in the summer of 2018, I kept seeing film production trucks either lined up along side streets or film crews bustling about in Central Park working hard to set up the next shot. This jogged some fun memories of back in the 80s when I used to commute to New York City from my home town in Connecticut. I was represented by Ford Talent and auditioned for print, television commercials and even a few movies. Though I pursued a "film" career after High School, my attention turned to college. And I stopped all together. This summer, helped me to remember how much fun I had participating in these creative projects so when I got back to California I quickly set up some short term and long term goals to get my career that I enjoyed so much back on track.
New York City, Empire State Building, Mircea's epiphany 

Goals: Phase Two - Get an Agent, Day Player Role, Voice-over

Voice Over Training, Demo Created and Actively Auditioning
Toward the end of 2019 it was time to "widen the net" in opprotuities to act. I signed up for instruction and training as well as to have two professional demos cut. One for Commercial auditions and one for Narrative auditions. As I was going through the training and coaching, I learned more about the type of work that I would not only like to perform, but also produce.
Voice Over, Demos, Commercial, Narrative 
Got an Agent, Had an Agent, Left the Agent
Yes I did, accomplish my goal of getting an agent, for voice over, but after very little few auditions, even before the pandemic and during, I decided not to renew my contract. So YES, goal accomplished, BUT needs to be refined.
Got an Agent, Had an Agent, Left the Agent 

Goals: Phase One - Getting Set Up, Registered and Working

Reactivating My SAG Membership
Back in the 80s I was part of the Screen Actors Guild. My work in commercials, had given me the needed hours to qualify. When I went away to college, however, my membership lapsed. So come October of 2018, I had to reactivate my membership. Thankfully, the good people of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) allowed this as long as I paid the fee and current dues. Done! I was back in the Guild. First goal accomplished. Finding work, however, that was a different story.
SAG-AFTRA, Reactivation, Mircea is back in the Guild 
Registering with Central Casting
Next step . . . register with Central Casting in Los Angeles. I wanted to ease back into the industry and learn as much as possible. Working as a Background Actor allows me to watch, learn and participate. It isn't for everyone I realize. The hours can be early (very early), and quite long at times, but I enjoy it. And while I am working, I try to be the best Background Actor I can as I understand that I am part of a team.
Central Casting Los Angeles, Mircea dons a suit 
First Background Acting Gig
Now that I was registered with Central Casting in Los Angeles, I need to get my fist Background Acting gig. About two weeks after registering with CCLA, I was texted to show up on the offsite fitting area for the show L.A.'s Finest starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. At this location, I was suited up as a Santa Monica Police Bike Officer and then driven over to Santa Monica Beach. Once there, I was given my police officer props and then sent to where they were setting up the scene I would be working background. I almost made it on camera, but unfortunately didn't. Such is the life of a Background Actor. Still it was my first gig (since working back in the 80s) and had an amazing opportunity to see how things are done . . . and hang out on Santa Monica Beach . . . dressed up as a cop . . . handing out tickets to the onlookers.
First Gig, Central Casting LA, L.A.'s Finest, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, Santa Monica Police Bike Officer 
Get Headshots Taken, Printed and Send Them Out
Registered and working, I needed to start thinking about down the road . . . headshots. My last headshots were from the 80s . . . and in black and white. Times have certainly changed, and because I was no longer in my teens, I needed to get new color headshots. After doing some local research I found a photographer, printed up a small number with a company in Los Angeles, and promptly sent them out to local talent agencies that specialize in television and streaming series.
Headshots, Mircea Oprea 
Get a Featured Background Role
Before getting a line, one of my goals was to get a featured background role. This is where you don't say anything, but interact with one of the lead characters. On May 7, 2019 I accomplished this goal as I made the cut (staying off the cutting room floor) in CBS' NCIS ". . . and Executioner" Season 16, Episode 22 playing an "Expensive Defense Attorney". With my family around me we watched both part one "Judge, Jury . . . " and then part two ". . . and Executioner". I play the Judge's (Mike Farrell) defense attorney in the very end when NCIS special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) walks the former judge into the courthouse. Short, but you can see me in my nice suit standing up to greet my client (Mike Farrell) as he walks into the courtroom doors in an orange jump suite and cuffs.
NCIS, NCIS and Executioner, S16E22, Mark Harmon, Mike Farrell, Mircea Goes Big Time 

Get on Star Trek
I have been a lifelong Star Trek fan. I have also always been a science fiction nut, from books to television, and when old enough movies. Star Trek was right there at the center of it all. I followed the crew on ALL of their adventures, my favorite was always Spock and Scotty (James Doohan always cracked me up). Even before my reboot in 2018, I wanted to get on some Star Trek TV episode or movie as an alien, one of the crew or as anyone or any . . . thing. Well, finally, I am excited to announce, I achieved this goal. Not sure if I will make the cut, but when working as background you come to expect this and try not to get your hopes up. Still, I was just so excited to be on the studio grounds. I was smiling from ear to ear between takes, listening intensely to what was going on over on the other side of the set wall, waiting for our "annnnd background" cue. When the show comes out, I will elaborate more, but I can say now that I have achieved this goal of mine . . . and dream.
Star Trek, Dream, Mircea Oprea gets on Star Trek